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Posted by EchoRun - March 23rd, 2012

Well, I have been away for a looooonnnnggggg time but since I have gotten into going over my old forums and such, I thought I would stop by here again. Hello!

I have some new art to share too! :D

Posted by EchoRun - March 24th, 2010

I love my art. it has been one of the constants in my life.

Yet at one point for various reasons I let it go, for about 2 and a half years. Now I am back to the pace of working almost every day again, I really regret that gap. No progress, nothing learned.

Now I look at other artists my age, or even younger, and wonder if I would be that good if I had kept at it through those years when my art got put aside. There is some AMAZING stuff out there, done by people so very close to my age. Now I feel like my work is not up to standard, that I am lagging behind and it is frustrating me no end. I am envious, frustrated and sometimes I have to force myself to keep at it, keep working and learning because things don't seem to progressing fast enough which frustrates me more.

I suppose, in my own defence, it does not help that I am self taught. I have no higher education in art, the only support has been through a couple of online tutorials. I am in no position to go into further education at this point, not unless it led to immediate employment after - no such luck with art. Perhaps hunting down a few more online tutorials will help? Yes, I think that will be my next step...

Posted by EchoRun - January 2nd, 2010

Finally getting may act together for the new year, making some mini canvases to sell in a shop next to me and online. Simple little things really, a background over which I paint a pattern or symbol. The first batch is in line with a pagan theme, to suit the shop next to where I live who have agreed to sell some of them. After that first lot, I will vary it some more, doing many different patterns and symbols.

Might even start a small online shop for them all. :D

I'll post pictures of them up here once I start to get some finished, show you what they look like. :)

Posted by EchoRun - December 17th, 2009


Posted by EchoRun - December 1st, 2009

Well, I think things are starting to move again. After a few months of quite, my art is almost daily again, writing is starting up at last and I may even be able to work on flash soon *gasp*.

First, I need to get my sleep patten back to how I want it and I need to organise my day hour by hour if need be. I just keep drifting, and it is not good for me. Still, I am getting better at last, so hopefully in the near future I will be on top form again.

Posted by EchoRun - August 23rd, 2009

Finally get to go camping with a group of friends again, in just under two weeks from now. The last one was so much fun, sociable, companionship, just a load of friends hanging out having fun and chatting. It's brilliant!

I want to learn bush craft, so I can do it properly!

Posted by EchoRun - August 5th, 2009

Can you hear me?
Hear Me Screaming
Breaking in the muted sky
This thunder heart
Like Bombs Beating
Echoing a thousand miles

Mine is your and yours is mine
There is no divide
In your honor I would die tonight
Mine is yours and yours is mine
I will sacrifice
In your honor I would die tonight
For you to feel alive

Can you feel me?
Feel me breathing
One last breath before I close my eyes
This offering
For receiving
Deliver me into the other side

Mine is your and yours is mine
There is no divide
In your honor I would die tonight
Mine is yours and yours is mine
I will sacrifice
In your honor I would die tonight
For you to feel alive


If only I could have a profile theme music - I would want this one!

Posted by EchoRun - July 22nd, 2009

Well, I'm back! After well over a year and a half of doing very little with my art am back to working on it regularly again. I have new stuff in the works, even new finished art! *gasps*

And! I have a scanner to use! So, that means as soon as I complete any traditional art, even my acrylic works, that will be up too! Yay!

I have my new header *points to top of page*, one of my apophysis images I call Galaxy Map. I think I will leave the icon as it is, I like that bubble.

Current big art projects... I have two acrylic paintings in the works, not sure how they will scan though, as I have used glitter in amongst the stars, to literately make them sparkle. I also use metallic paint for parts, to catch the light. I may have to photoshop them when I scan them. :(

Digitally, I have a new fairy I am working on. It's kinda funny, my last digital piece turned out rather warm, friendly, even cute - and that was a dragon. Now the FAIRY, of all things, is turning out slightly darker, a little more sinister. That is not how I planned either of them!!

Again just to remind people I also have art on Elfwood and Deviant art, under another name (Shadowjewel).

Posted by EchoRun - June 19th, 2009

Just to let people know I have art here, on deviant art and on elfwood. They have notes saying the same thing.